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Forklift Tyre Press Safety

Rarely do people consider the tyres press when they discuss forklift safety; however, the tyres are the only part of the lift truck that remain on the floor 100 percent of the time. The tyres play an extremely important role providing the operator with the ability to safely maneuver and control the forklift while in operation. The tyres help to provide the traction necessary for movement. They also create friction with the ground to allow breaking.

Making sure that the forklift truck has the right tyres, and that those tyres are in good condition is paramount to optimizing the safety level while operating a forklift. Having the wrong tyres, the wrong pressure or worn tyres can be potentially hazardous for the operator and anyone in the vicinity of a lift truck while it is in operation.

Initial Tyres Selection

The initial tyre selection process is immensely important. The type of tyres that are chosen will depend greatly on the type of lift truck that will be used. The surface that the truck will be operating on will also play a major role in determining the type of tyres that will be placed on the forklift. The forklift dealer should be able to provide valuable insight on the best tyres for the occasion.

Tyres have the proclivity to become damaged, and when they become damaged, they can negatively impact the safety and stability of the forklift. Additionally, other conditions, such as over or under inflated pneumatic tyres can also negatively impact the stability of the forklift.

Tyre Wear

Paying attention to the tyre wear is vital to maintaining stability and safety. As a safety standard, pneumatic tyres should have a minimum of 1mm of tread over the center of the tyer. Tyres that are made from solid rubber can be used until they have been worn to the wear indicator, or what is known as the 60J line.

Conical Base, Molded Direct or Press-on tyres can be used to the point in which 2/3 of the tyer’s original thickness remains. Sometimes tyres wear may be somewhat difficult to judge. In cases such as this it is best to seek the advice of a forklift tyer specialist.

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